Faye Williams
Faye  Williams

 Tips & Tricks for BPO's to Get REO Listings


 Part one covers:
Introduction to completing “Broker price Opinion” reports.
•What a Broker Price Opinion (BPO)?
•Instructor share simplified material on completing BPO’s reports, to included unlimited short cuts and tips!
•Who pays for theses type of reports and how much is paid per report?
•Instructor will provide handouts that virtual allows you to plug and play.
•Checklist of documents to needed to register for REO companies.
Part two covers:
Introduction to steps to obtaining “Real Estate Owned (REO) listing”.
•What are Real Estate Owned listings?
•Who at the bank is in charge of assigning REO listings?
•How agents should position themselves to qualify for REO listings.
•List of agent pre and post tasks when listing REO propertis .
•Checklist of documents to needed to register for REO companies.
•LIST of 50+ companies to start your registration, so that you can “hit the floor running” once upon completion of the class.
Case studies and loads of tips …great class and stuff!!!
Information that has been developed over time through much trial & error!
Taught by Faye Ette' Williams
Here's what students are saying:
"We really enjoyed your class on Sat. It was the most informative class on anything that I have been to in a long time and I take a lot of classes!  You gave so much beneficial information just in the first 30 minutes and it continued the whole 3 hours."

"I've been doing BPO's on and off for the past 10 years but knew I din't know enough and your class proved it!
Thanks so much for taking the time to get this class together!"
You asked for it.... you got it!! 

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