Faye Williams
Faye  Williams

NEED a LOAN?..Pre- qualify yourself!

Congratulations for taking the first step!!!

This is the way to go..... follow the instructions and read this entire page.

1. Get your get your score from: Credit Karma.com  Need -620+

2. Check off the items below to see what is need to get a loan, to buy a house.

All the items may not pertain to you however, if they do, please ask questions  ......let's get you in a home!

3. Proof of employment/income for 2 years.

4. A copy of your  recent 2 months pay stubs.

5.  A copy of your bank statements to show you have down payment money!

6. No down payment money!!!...letter for the person who is going to lend you the down payment.

7. The last 2 years of IRS Filed  tax returns.

8. The last 1-2 years  of rental history/payments.

8. 2 years out of chapter 13-okay, with  20% down.

9. 3 years of  BK-chapter -okay!

10. OKAY-CALL ME ASAP AT :404 408 2966

404 408 2966-Cell